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facility cleaning


industrial floor cleaning company

APEX CLEAN is fully equipped and capable of handling the most demanding industrial floor surface, we have 10 years experience cleaning floor surfaces in excess of 20 000 square meters in a single day. You have a dirty floor problem, we clean floors!

commercial/retail floor cleaning

APEX CLEAN can offer floor cleaning solutions for commercial & retail customers, if you need your storeroom, reception or sales floor scrubbed, we can do that plus clean all your carpets . You have a dirty floor problem, we clean floors!

APEX CLEAN is often called in after a big event or construction completion where clients require a thorough once off clean before the next customer moves in. You have a dirty floor problem, we clean floors!


APEX CLEAN is quite capable of handling massive floor sizes, we have the equipment to sweep your parking lot or scrubb your basement parking garage. You have a dirty floor problem, we clean floors!

parking garages and large floors

Apex floor cleaning offers facility cleaning of floor cleaning, we sell and rent floor scrubber and floor scrubber sweeper machines  and floor sweeping machines, we can clean any floors from cleaning industrial floors, commercial floors, basement floor cleaning and retail floor cleaning. We also clean floors such as tile cleaning, concrete floor cleaning and cement floor cleaning. We also clean factory floors and production plant floors. We also specialize in cleaning carpets and cleaning parking lots, clean basements and we clean tiled floors. Apex floor cleaning also cleans floors in hospitals and food market floors with specialized green floor cleaning technologies. We can clean just about any type of floor cleaning surface. We clean floors